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The Team

We are a group of ‘Passionate’ Professionals from different walks of life whose first love is ‘TRAVEL’ and everything to do with it. So for us, it’s not really an everyday work, rather it’s about breathing Fresh Air. With every customer, who travels to a different destinations, explores a new place, experiences a new face of life; eventually we give shape to our dreams and leave our mark through them.

Team Travelicious aims to take clients on a Travel transformation journey by providing them with innovative next-generation travel solutions and services based on our expertise, global scale, precision and an extensive partner community. Imagination has been a driving force behind our success.

A female company : women driven organisation

It’s our privilege to introduce ourselves as a company run by Women!

As women are brilliant in terms of communication skills, let us just talk straight and to the point. From Multitasking, to being a patient listener (with empathy), or highly Efficient in working, having a greater sense of understanding, attention to minutest of details, being amazing at finances, extremely focused - Women just know it all and they do it all!

No piece of information (no matter how small it is) can go unnoticed and no amount of data is big enough to block a woman’s mind – yes, we are blessed with a sharp memory as we remember everything! And ofcourse, we are better equipped to handle crisis /stressful situations better as we channelize our energy in multiple directions with ease.

So relax, you are in safe hands and will be well-pampered as we are a ‘Women Driven Company’ where we sustain, nurture and build long lasting relationships with our clients.

Channel partners

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We are highly committed towards our collaborations to work towards a full-scale turnaround, because of which we are able to provide greater value to all our associates and stakeholders. On the basis of this, we are able to develop a fruitful associations that helps enhance mutual growth prospects with our clients.

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We believe in Straight Talk as we lead from the front, displaying our integrity while using facts to support our point. We accept individual responsibility for our commitments and expect to be accountable for results. Thus, creating an environment for positive relationships built upon mutual trust and understanding.

Team spirit

Our Philosophy is working together as a Team to achieve desired results and even greater success. Together we work – together we laugh - together we grow – together we succeed!