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Who We are

Travelicious is a Travel Boutique where we create customised Holidays and trips for those who wish to travel Wise and in Style. True to our name ‘Travelicious’, we Cook up some Delicious Travel Treats and Experiences in form of customised travel packages for National and International destinations. We truly believe in “Serving World on a Platter” with a host of World Class Travel Services designed to make Leisure and business travel more Convenient, Comfortable, Faster and Personalised.

Domestic tour packages

What we do

Customised Holidays – Personalised to Perfection

‘Customization’ is not just a Fancy word for us. Rather it’s a philosophy that drives our working culture. Customers can enjoy our ‘customised’ holiday packages for all the popular as well as exotic National and International destinations. Our trips are carefully designed by combining cultural and natural riches with comfort, safety, luxury and adventure.

customised tour pakages

How we do

We do not sell ‘Fixed’ Holiday Packages. Why ?

Simply because Holidays are not Products. Holidays are experiences that are intangible, just like feelings. That’s why we focus on the human aspect as we deal in - ‘Experiences’. We design exclusive holidays just to enhance life’s experiences and even go an extra mile to exceed our client expectations every time!

Our Mission

To ensure Perfect Personalized travel plans for every Client and to be on their “first call” dial list. We are backed by a team of professionals who meticulously work towards exceeding clients’ expectations - to give them Perfect Holidays that translate into Wonderful memories of a lifetime!